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Welcome to the ATO Publication Ordering Service. To use this system you are required to log in using your Tax Agent Number (TAN).
Please provide your Tax Agent Number (TAN), your registration Email and Password then click the Login button.

If you are ordering for a registered business with an ABN, you can also order through this site
If you are an individual with no ABN and no TAN, you can order from this site
ATO IT Security Team reviewed all Publications Ordering Services and have recommended some cyber security changes for this website. Based on these recommendations we are incorporating changes to the TaxAgents ordering website and they will come into effect from 12:00 am 27th Sep. The recommended cyber security changes are as per the present day IT security requirements.
  • Agents have to register first using their TAN, a valid email address and creating their own password.
  • After registration, TA can logon to the website using their TAN and the email address used in the registration process.
  • Provisions are available to change passwords and email addresses.
  • A TAN can have multiple registrations.
  • All other processes and features will be same as they are in the existing ordering web site.

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The Tax Office may monitor your use of this service. We will use your contact information for the purpose of supplying you with any Tax Office publications you order. We may also use information about the publications you order and your location in Australia to:

  • detect and prevent any misuse of the service
  • resolve any service performance issues, and
  • improve our understanding of the demand for Tax Office publications in different parts of Australia.

We will not disclose your personal information to people outside the Tax Office or use it for any other purposes than those required to order from this site.

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